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Bergs Pink Washed Clay Pot

Bergs Pink Washed Clay Pot

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Bergs Potter's pots are carefully handcrafted to give your live plants the perfect place to grow. The Copenhagen clay planter comes with a saucer, and is made for your indoor and outdoor gardens. Each planter is handmade and will vary slightly. 

NOT Frost Proof, store inside during winter months. Whitewash terracotta clay is porous, color will darken when saturated with water.

  • Clay
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Waterproof
  • Includes Drainage Holes
  • Includes Saucer 

Pot Sizes:

Small Pot: 4.75”H, 4.5”D, 6” exterior diameter at mouth, 5” interior diameter at mouth, 3.75” diameter at base

Medium Pot: 6.25”H, 6”D, 7.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 6.5” interior diameter at mouth, 5” diameter at base

Large Pot: 8.5”H, 7.75”D, 10.25” exterior diameter at mouth, 9” interior diameter at mouth, 6.4” diameter at base

Extra Large Pot: 10.5”H, 10”D, 15” exterior diameter at mouth, 13” interior diameter at mouth, 9.5” diameter at base



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